Philosophy Integra

Integra is the union of several professionals with a common professional trajectory of more than 15 years. Today, we have turned that experience into a bet for the future by creating our company, Integrated Solutions 2015 S.L.L, as well as our commercial brand, Integra Solutions.

Since January 7, 2015, our headquarters is located in the C.E.E.I building. Nothing is casual in Integra, except maybe, the attitude! The office location, the team of professionals, the business attitude ... everything tends to the same goal: to provide solutions.

The response to our clients will be effective, efficient and, above all, honest ... we do not work for our ego, but for the satisfaction of our clients!

Integra designs, creates, manufactures, but also manages, markets, intermediates, interacts...

The client who arrives at our office will feel supported and accompanied throughout the collaborative process, at that moment and for years.

We work with exhibition stands - the creation and assembly - and shopping areas both nationally and internationally...

Integra is work, effort, dedication and enthusiasm ... because with all that ... and a little more, almost everything is possible!


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